Dominic Monaghan Dishes on "Smart, Intelligent" FlashForward Character

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Avid TV watchers are aware of two things:

  1. FlashForward is the premiere to watch this month;
  2. Dominic Monaghan stars on the series as Simon.

In a new interview, the former Lost star opens up a bit more about his character:

"I play a guy called Simon who is linked through story lines with [the character of] Lloyd. He's a very smart, intelligent scientist, and we begin the relationship with him under the impression that he knows more than he is giving away."

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Fans won't see Monaghan until episode two, however. The actor said:

"Simon, is kind of in the wings a little bit, kind of waiting, kind of a reveal. He'll gradually be trickled in as the show picks up some steam."


[video url="" title="The First 18 Minutes"] [/video]

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