Fringe Recap: "Night of Desirable Objects"

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If she can't remember on her own, then do something to help her.
- The bosses of The Agent Formerly Known as Charlie Francis, regarding Olivia's failure to remember her trip to "the other side."

The Fringe team headed to Pennsylvania on this week's episode - but, as the quote above suggests, it was a lot more exciting than that set-up sounds.

We'll have to wait for a future installment to see what the other Charlie Francis will to do Olivia. But you can read a detailed recap of "Night of Desirable Objects" right now!

A Check Up

Walter was on fire this week. Among the best Fringe quotes from the evening:

Peter: How's it going, Walter?
Walter: I plan to urinate in 23 minutes.
Peter: Good to know.
Walter: I'm telling you because I'm going to need help unzipping my fly. I can't feel my hand. | permalink
Sheriff Golightly: Be damned if I know what to make of it.
Walter: Well, we're all victims of our own gene pool. Someone must have peed in yours. | permalink
Peter: That was Olivia. Agent Jessup told her Hughes may have killed his wife and child 17 years ago.
Walter: Oh, finally some good news. I assumes we can dig them up. I haven't had any bodies to examine. | permalink
Astrid: We've been at this for five hours.
Walter: Science is patience.
Astrid: It's also slimy. | permalink

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