Fringe Season Two: A Focus on "Over There"

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Season two of Fringe debuts tomorrow night, and there are few premieres TV fans are more excited for.

Can you blame us, following the shocking revelations revealed in the May finale: Peter is dead? There's an alternate reality where the World Trade Center exists?!?

Questions will start to get answered as fall episodes unravel, but producer Jeff Pinkner has already told Entertainment Weekly what the second season of this Fox hit will focus on.

"Season 2 is about the people from 'over there' putting the final pieces of the invasion plan into play, and explaining why," he said in that magazine's Fall Television Preview.

Over there, of course, refers to the parallel dimension uncovered in the aforementioned finale. New viewers may wanna speed through season one on DVD - focusing mainly on the second half - before delving into new episodes.

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On Thursday night's episode, Olivia won't recall her time in the World Trade Center, but viewers will revisit her meeting with Leonard Nimoy's William Bell during episode four.

In other season two-related storyline news:

  • Thomas Kretschmann will play an "over there" spy;
  • More Observers will show up;
  • Fans might even get more of Mr. Jones.

But, wait, wasn't the latter character chopped in half?

"Remember, because of the alternate reality, everyone has a doppelganger," Pinker said. "There's another Walter. Another Olivia. And another Mr. Jones."

There's also another Peter, as fans now know. Is the other Walter planning an invasion in order to take his son back? That would be our guess.

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