Gabrielle Union "Really Happy" with Role on FlashForward

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As previously reported, Gabrielle Union will play a recurring character on FlashForward. She has joined the show as Zoey, Demtri Noh's fiancee.

In a recent interview, the actress remained mum on any FlashForward spoilers, but she did explain how this role came her way. Take it from here, Gabrielle!

"I had taken a meeting with ABC and we wanted our relationship to continue. I really enjoy them, as a company, and they've been freakishly supportive of me, so they were just looking for a right fit.

"And then, by chance, the next day, the Goyers called them and were like, "Do you think she'd ever be interested in returning to television?" They were like, "How crazy is that? We just met with her about that very thing.

"And so, the next day, I met with them. They were like, "We can't tell you a lot, but we love you and we will write for you, and we want you to be a part of this," and I was like, "Yeah!" It was kind of like You just don't really know what you're gonna get, but you want to leap at the chance because the possibility is awesome and exciting.

So, that's all I had to go on, along with meeting them. I liked them, and that's pretty much been what's guided my decisions, the last few years, certainly with television. I wanted to work with Frank Spotnitz (for Night Stalker), Daniel Sackheim (for Life) and now the Goyers. I'm really happy.

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