House Recap: "Broken"

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They didn't break me. I am broken.

Did House viewers ever expect those words to come out of the mouth of the show's main character?

Moreover, could any fan of this Fox series have expected more from a season premiere than last night's incredible two-hour installment? It played like a movie, as no other show on television could have pulled off such a feat.

Featuring only one main character, in an entirely new setting, "Broken" showcased Hugh Laurie at his best. It's hard to do it justice with an episode recap, but we tried. Follow the preceding link for a complete rundown.

Doctors Clash

Among the many tremendous House quotes from last night, a few of our favorites:

Dr. Nolan: Why do you value your failures more than your successes?
House: My mother caught me masturbating... to pictures of her mother.
Dr. Nolan: Can we get past these cute deflections? | permalink
Dr. Nolan: You having fun?
House: I did connect with one guy. But the my propensity for screwing things up overtook me. Then my desire to have fun overcame my propensity. | permalink
House: I see you've got some cello in your trunk. And no, that's not a euphemism. | permalink
House: I'm sick of being miserable. | permalink

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House Quotes

Dr. Park: I've tapped over 30 guys and never wanted to see them again. [long pause] I lived next to a Jewish frat.
House: We are wildly off track.

Chase: I was doing something nice.
House:, that doesn't sound right.