Hung Recap: Series Finale

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The first season of Hung concluded on HBO last night.

Throughout the latest episode, Ray faced a decision: Lenore or Tanya? Who would best serve his financial needs as a pimp?

In the end, this is a show about sex after all, so Ray made the easy, most exciting choice: a threesome!

Read all about it in our recap of "A Dick and a Dream."

Totally Hung

Our favorite Hung quotes from the half hour included:

Tanya: Don't you wanna bring happiness to the world on some level?
Ray: Sure. But for now, I'll settle for employment. | permalink
Ray: I used to have a family. I used to have a wife, kids, a house, a job. Now, well, now I have my d**k. A d**k and a dream. If that's not the American way, what is? | permalink
Tanya: (to Ray) You ever been in a threesome? Everyone I've ever been in, the other two people screw while all I do is bring them water. | permalink
Lenore: Your vagina is like a car battery. You've got to keep it charged. | permalink

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Hung Quotes

It's been a rough couple of years. Real rough.


I used to be a big deal. I used to be going somewhere. Now all I do is try not to drown. When did life become something you buy?


Hung Music

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Have mercy Have Mercy Loretta Lynn iTunes
How long do i have to wait for you How Long Do I Have to Wait for You? Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings iTunes