Linda Purl Cast on The Office

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The role of Pam’s mom on The Office has been filled by Linda Purl, a relative unknown whose biggest claim to fame was playing Andy Griffith’s daughter on Matlock.

Last month, Office producer, writer and co-star B.J. Novak said Mrs. Beasly probably wouldn’t be played by a well-known actress, and that was largely by design:

“That’s the rule we have stuck to on our show - it is supposed to be real average Joes, and casting a famous actor just takes away from that,” Novak said.

“We have only cast a famous actor when they can blend right in as was the case with Amy Ryan. Or if it makes sense for the role, like with Jack Black.”

Linda Purl Picture
Pam the Saleswoman

Linda Purl makes her Office debut next month at Pam and Jim’s wedding.

Interestingly, though few may recall it, this is technically a recast. We first caught a glimpse of Pam’s mom in Season 2 when she was played by Shannon Cochran.

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