More Gossip Girl Photos From "Reversals of Fortune"

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The CW has released a new set of promotional photos for the upcoming Season 3 premiere of Gossip Girl, airing September 14, just a week from this coming Monday! 

Click to enlarge these pictures from "Reversals of Fortune" ...

A Handsome Nate
Latest Nate Love Interest
Bree Buckley Pic
Blair Summer Fashion
E and J Photo
Charles Bass Pic
Carter on Horseback
Nate, Bree and Grandfather
Paparazzi Magnet

How great does everyone look in their summer style? What do you think will transpire with the gang in this episode? Share your opinions and comments with us below!

Here are the rest of the promotional pics we posted a few weeks back from "Reversals of Fortune," the much-anticipated Gossip Girl Season 3 debut, for good measure:

Serena and Carter Kiss!
CB Action
A Chair Pic!
The Queen B Pic
Blair and Serena Walk and Talk
Nathaniel Photo
A Rufus Image
Bree and Nate
Nate and Bree
Girl in Green
Grandfather Returns
Jenny and Eric Pic
S and B Pic
Intense Chair

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