Warehouse 13 Quotes from "Breakdown"

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On last night's episode of Warehouse 13, Pete, Myka, and Claudia got trapped in the main facility. Meanwhile, Artie was forced to answer to his superiors.

The 10th installment of the SyFy show's first season also showcased a number of memorable quotes. We've listed a number of them below...

Claudia: It's sealed with an Omega level security code.
Myka: Can you hack it?
Claudia: Pope, Catholic, bear, woods. You know the drill. | permalink
Pete: Okay, fine, but you stick close, and you do exactly as we say.
Claudia: All right. Suicide mission with the team. Kind of exciting. I'm excited! Come on. | permalink
Myka: I just hope she's okay, you know?
Pete: Claudia's like bamboo. You can bend her all you want, but she'll never break. | permalink
Artie: Myka, one day will you know all answers to all questions. Just not today. | permalink
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