Why is Cameron Leaving House?

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Jennifer Morrison is NOT leaving House for good.

That's the message producer Katie Jacobs conveyed to TV Guide Magazine, as she provided background to the startling news that the actress' character, Cameron, will be exiting the Fox drama in November.

“There is a story coming that has a major consequence for Cameron and a direct impact on her role on House’s team and on her marriage [to Dr. Chase, played by Jesse Spencer],” said Jacobs.

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The producer, who also directed the season six premiere, said this plot begins after an African dictator, played by James Earl Jones, receives a controversial treatment at Princeton-Plainsboro in the October 5 episode.

“Cameron’s reaction [to the situation] is that she needs to separate from her husband and marriage and proximity from the hospital,” Jacobs said, only confirming that the character is taking a leave of absence. “If I wanted to make an announcement that Jennifer was leaving the show, I would say that. The fact is, we still don’t know how the season is going to end for Cameron or for Jennifer.”

In real life, Morrison actually dated Jesse Spencer (Chase) for awhile. They are now broken up, but Jacobs insists there is no behind the scenes drama of any kind.

"This is all driven by the storytelling, and the story tells us Cameron needs to take a break from the hospital.”

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