As the World Turns Producer Preview Jack's Redemptive Road Trip

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What's a soap opera character to do after he accidentally kills his brother?

In the case of Jack Snyder on As the World Turns, he sets off on a redemptive road trip, making stops in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Manhattan and Greenville and meeting up with alumni such as Peter Parros and Lesli Kay.

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, producer Chris Goutman previews this storyline. Here are a few excerpts:

On Jack's state of mind: This is about death and the stages of grief, but it’s also ultimately about healing. Jack is in an emotional tailspin, he’s in crisis, and Michael Park is doing fabulous work in this story. The first place Jack shows up is Philadelphia because he knows Brad once lived there. He goes to this bar - one of Brad’s old hangouts - and he runs into Ben.

This leads him into a journey to look for someone to take Brad’s place in Katie’s life. He goes to see Mike in Greenville, and then to Pittsburgh, where he finds Simon. Meanwhile, Carly learns what Jack is up to and she goes in pursuit of him.

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On Carly tagging along: This is a romance story, as well. We’re listening to the fans. They’ve been clamoring to see Jack and Carly get back together. It’s a soul-searching mission for him but she’s the one who brings him back to Oakdale. In fact, she’s really the only one who can bring him back. It’s like a reversal of the guy going to save the damsel-in-distress.

But if we are to bring them back together they’ve got to come from new and different places. Jack can’t be judgmental anymore. Carly can’t be so devil-may-care. They have a lot of wear and tear and it won’t be an instantaneous getting together. They will have many obstacles to overcome. This is going to be a new incarnation of Jack and Carly, not the same-old same-old.

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