Bones Quotes of the Week: On Sex and the Amish

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On this week's new episode of Bones, the series dealt with a pair of contrasting topics:

Sex and the Amish.

Cam's daughter's Michelle was considering having the former for the first time; while Brennan and Booth investigated a murder in Amish country.

Dealing with the Amish

The resulting Bones quotes reminded viewers of why they adore this show: it combines drama with mystery and humor as well as any series on TV. Below is a sampling of how various character responded to the pressing subjects above:

Booth: You make it sound like it was a class that you took. You know, the first time you should be in love. You know, totally goo-goo for the other person.
Brennan: Were you when you were sixteen?
Booth: Well part of me was. | permalink
Michelle: I'm scared. Is that weird? I mean, it's just sex, right? It's all over the TV and everywhere.
Cam: Whoa, there's no such thing as 'just sex', Michelle. Every time you give a bit of yourself to the person you're with. So it's okay to wait as long as you want.
Michelle: I don't want to lose Perry.
Cam: If Perry doesn't understand how you feel, he doesn't deserve you. | permalink
Booth [on the Amish]: We reject Satan and they reject buttons. | permalink

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