Californication Review: "Slow Happy Boys"

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This week's episode of Californication was called "Slow Happy Boys," but it's another installment of men behaving badly, with Hank and Charlie doing their usual thing and guest star Kevin Corrigan playing Hank's wayward former best-friend, Mike Zlosowski, or "Zlos."

Zlos just doesn't know how to behave in LA - apparently, he doesn't know proper etiquette for dealing with lap dancing strippers and misleading transexuals. He's getting an education this weekend, nonetheless.

Hank is screwing around some more with his student, Jackie. We like Jackie as a character, but it just gets annoying that Hank sleeps with everyone. It's totally predictable now, and since the romantic conflict between Hank and Karen is null (since characters are abiding by a "don't ask don't tell" policy), there really is nothing exciting about Hank's sexual exploits.

Californication Guest Star

But, me thinks there is hope! Since Karen surprised Hank with a visit, tensions are sure to grow! A lot of what made this show great in its first two seasons was the family drama, and that has been entirely missing this season! (Becca being an obnoxious teenager does not count!)

And Charlie's behavior is once again reprehensible. I just don't understand it. He wants to be with Marcy, but then he ends up in bed with two skanky strippers in this episode? I understand that Marcy was angry that Charlie was potentially infected with some gnarly STDs from Daisy, but she didn't say they were finished.

She was just pissed off - why would we then go out and sleep with other women who are not Marcy, when he has been doing nothing but bitching and moaning the last few episodes??? 

Tonight's episode had cameos of Californication alum Daisy (Carla Gallo), and newcomer Stephen Root playing Sue Collini's wheelchair bound husband, Dickie. With each of them, we only got a taste, but it left us wanting to see more of them on future episodes!

Read our complete recap of tonight's episode, and let us know what you think.

Below, we've listed our top Californication quotes from the night:

Hank: Just warning you! Something post-pubescent and wicked your way comes. | permalink
Hank: Where'd that plane come from, 1987? You look exactly the same! And that smell! What is that booze, cigarettes and Drakkar Noir - it takes me right back! | permalink
Daisy: Let me tell you, this is some really pernicious s**t! My Vagina looks like downtown Baghdad right now. | permalink
Becca: Merry f**king Christmas. Can we go home already?
Hank & Karen: Shut up! | permalink
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Californication Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Zlos: I fucking clocked her - him - whatever.
Hank: You can't do that, that's a human being, you can't just be throwing punches at people.
Zlos:What the fuck is wrong with you Moody? Have you been in LA so long that a chick with a dick means nothing to you?

Becca: Merry fucking Christmas. Can we go home already?
Hank & Karen: Shut up!