Community Recap: "Advanced Criminal Law"

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On last night's Community, we got to see Jeff in action as his true lawyer self.  When Senor Chang caught a student cheating, he threatened to give the whole class a 0 unless the culprit came forward.

Luckily for everyone's sake, Britta came clean and Jeff got to defend her in front of the tribunal next to the pool.  Only at Glendale.

The Cheater Comes Clean

Meanwhile, Pierce and Annie composed a new school song, while Abed attempted to mess with Troy.  Find out how Abed did and if Britta got off in our "Advanced Criminal Law" recap.

Now for some great Community quotes from the episode:

Jeff: So I guess the cell phone number you put on the study group contact sheet was fake, which I just learned in the awkward conclusion of a month long text message affair with a dude from boulder
Britta: Sorry
Jeff: That's okay, just give me your real number and I'll cleanse my pallet while Kevin rethinks his marriage | permalink
Professor Duncan: Good morning. How is student life, my dry-witted friend?
Jeff: Probably the same as teacher life, but less tragic, because I get to leave.
Professor Duncan: Very dry. Very witty. Not a great friend | permalink
Britta: You're just doing all this because you want to have sex with me, you don't even want to be my friend
Jeff: Wait a minute. Is that what you thought I meant? Britta, look at me
Britta: I am
Jeff: No, look how handsome my face is. If all I wanted was sex, I could get it from plenty of women without having to go through all this crap. I'm here because I like you and I'd be psyched to be your friend. I just didn't want to take sex off the table without doing my due diligence | permalink
Jeff: If I'm gonna cheat, I'm not gonna write information from a book on a piece of paper, that's practically learning for God's sake | permalink

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