Community Recap: "Social Psychology"

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On last night's Community, Jeff actually found it tough to talk for once... to Shirley.  That is until he discovered the two of them make great gossip buddies as they trash talk people.

Jeff and Shirley Gossip

Meanwhile, Annie got poor Troy and Abed to volunteer to be subjects in a pyschology experiment.  Find out what happened in our "Social Psychology" recap.

Now for some great Community quotes from Jeff and the rest of the breakfast club:

Britta: Hey Vaugn, what's up?
Vaughn: No worries
Jeff: Interesting, cause I might be worried if I was playing hacky sack a decade too late | permalink
Shirley: I don't see why you and Britta aren't together, two cute white people going to school together, it just seems right
Jeff: Shirley, we're not pandas in a zoo
| permalink
Professor Duncan: I never should have let you into this lab, Miss Annie Fanny, panties in a bunch
Annie: Oh that's so hilarious, did you think of that last time you skipped a trip to the dentist? | permalink

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Community Quotes

We spend too much time together.


Annie: I've been following you, how did you get Troy to play football?
Jeff: I'm not having a conversation with someone that emerged from a bush
Annie: Because I'm right?
Jeff: No, because I'm not in a commercial for a breakfast cereal