Dominic Monaghan Dishes on "Messed Up" FlashForward Character

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Dominic Monaghan made his long-awaited debut on FlashForward last week.

The former Lost star shocked viewers when he appeared as Simon, spoke to Lloyd over the phone and seemed to confirm that this pair played a significant role in the global blackout.

Dominic Monaghan as Simon

As for what's to come on the popular ABC series, Monaghan told E! News he's currently shooting episode 11 and:

"We're just gonna go a little further and further down the rabbit hole, and then as we get closer and closer to the finale, things will start to come back together... I like playing characters that are messed up. And that seems to be where we're going with Simon."

Sources say Monagha's character will be featured promiently on the October 29 episode of FlashForward.

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