Eastwick Recap: "Reaping and Sewing"

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There are plenty of mysterious things happening on this weeks episode of Eastwick.

Joanna and Penny try to unearth the true identity of Darryl Van Horne and come to meet an eccentric woman - played by Cybil Shepherd.

Kat hopes that with her newfound earthly inner strength she will be able to end her failed marriage and move on.

Roxie has her hands full with trying to protect Mia from her ex-boyfriend the rapist, finding a relationship middle ground with her boy toy Chad, and trying to figure out if the premonitions of her hunky new neighbor killing her will come true.

Read just how crazy this week gets in our detailed summary of “Reaping and Sewing.”

Roxie and Kat

Don't forget to check out the quotes we've compiled from this week's new episode - a few of our personal favorites:

Joanna: I have some pretty interesting leads.
Darryl: You just be careful, okay?
Joanna: What do you mean?
Darryl: Sometimes it's probably safer to let sleeping dogs lie. | permalink

Penny: You know, I can be at HarvestFest right now. I could be getting drunk, eating pie. But instead, I'm in the woods, with you, knocking on what looks like the door of a serial killer.
Joanna: I know. Isn't it fun? | permalink

Darryl: You don't understand the usefulness of anger. Society tries to force you to swallow it down like a good little girl. Because you are angry, you're a bitch. If you're a bitch, no one will you love. Well, I say, that's nonsense. | permalink

Joanna: I ran out of deodorant this morning, so I rubbed my pits with the dryer sheet and now I just smell like mountain fresh BO. | permalink


Eastwick Quotes

(voiceover) Sometimes, those with the most powerful abilities are hiding in the most unlikely places.


Chicken hands, you gonna stare at my boobs all day or you gonna buy something?