Friday Night Lights Producer Offers Season Four Spoilers, Teases

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We're just a little over a week away from the season four premiere of Friday Night Lights on DIRECTV.

Considering the way season three ended - Coach Taylor fired by Dillon?!? Tyra and Riggins off to college?!? - fans have many questions as we head into a new set of episodes.

Producer Jason Katims provides a few answers in a new Entertainment Weekly features. Excerpts from it follow...

A community divided: "The whole idea of this season is about this town being divided in two because of this new team,” says Katims. “And over the course of the season, the lines are literally drawn between these two teams. At times it’s funny but it eventually gets really ugly.”

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A New Eric Taylor: “He’s got to figure out how to make something out of nothing,” says Katims. “It’s tougher than he can even imagine because with all the obstacles he’s had in the past, it came with a group of football players who all wanted to please this guy. When he walked into a room, they took a knee. These guys don’t... It becomes less about winning a championship [than] winning a game.”

A New, Questionable Character: “[Vince is] trying to toe that line of becoming a rising star and at the same time doing whatever he needs to do to support his family while his father’s in prison,” says Katims. “And sometimes that puts him in [the position of] doing very questionable things.”

What About Luke? “He’s a charming, outspoken, upbeat guy who’s been put into a very difficult situation,” says Katims: “He immediately has conflicts with Vince on the team, and these two guys are like oil and water.”

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Moby Dick is actually the perfect metaphor for this town. The cold black sea representing the season in all its uncertainties. The magical white whale is the Holy Grail.


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