Fringe Recap: "Dream Logic"

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How did Fringe follow up on last week's great, William Bell-inspired episode? With an installment titled "Dream Logic."

It followed the team to Seattle, where it investigated the case of a man who stabbed his boss due to a bad dream.

Confused? Read our detailed recap and it will make more sense.

Father and Son at Work

We've listed a few of the best Fringe quotes from the episode below:

Walter: I need help putting this on.
Astrid: Walter, I do not think this is a very good idea.
Walter: Don't be such a grinch. I've told you science should be fun. | permalink
Walter: The ride back was invigorating. The turbulence over Ohio was like being in the belly of a seizing whale. I screamed like a little girl.
Astrid: I'm sure that went over well with the rest of the passengers. | permalink
Walter: Don't worry, Son. I promise to wear my shorts to bed so that if you bring any young ladies home, there won't be any embarrassing moments. | permalink

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Fringe Quotes

Lincoln: Where is she?
Henry: How would I know? I didn't expect that she would come back here.
Lincoln: What do you mean, 'back here'?

I have to save his life, whatever it takes!


Fringe Music

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Song Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson iTunes
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