Grey's Anatomy Photos: "Tainted Obligation"

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Below are promotional pictures from this week's all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Tainted Obligation." Thatcher Grey is back at Seattle Grace, and he needs a transplant.

Presumably for his liver. Lexie's not a match. That means ... Meredith is likely to devolve into her dark, twisty self as she considers her choice. And we're in for an intense episode

Click to enlarge the images below for a little preview of Thursday ...

Thatcher Grey Picture
Hand in Hand
He is the Chief
Older Fella
LOL Moment
The Fabulous Four
Lexie and Bailey
Around Thatcher
Lexie's Dad
Lexie and Thatcher

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

COOPER: "It's wrong?"
NAOMI: "You need to meet a grown up. You need to date someone your own age."
VIOLET: "Someone without a porny internet name and perhaps no criminal past."
NAOMI: "A nice girl."
VIOLET: "A reliable girl."
NAOMI: "Someone who you can have a relationship with."
VIOLET: "You’re a respected doctor."
NAOMI: "Go out in the real world. Meet a woman your own age and go out."
VIOLET: "Be a man."

ADDISON: "You work with your ex-husband in a shrine for your ex-husband."
NAOMI: "It’s actually a good book. And we're friends. And we stayed friends after we divorced. It’s very healthy. We're healthy."
ADDISON: "What happened between you and Sam?"
NAOMI: "Addison, you and I were close in med school, but it was a long time ago."
ADDISON: "Oh, Naomi. Come on. You can’t stay mad at me forever. I know you."