How I Met Your Mother Recap: "The Sexless Innkeeper"

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On last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother, the show continued to explore the new couples angle of the show as Lily and Marshall persued Barney and Robin as their new best couple friend.

Poor Lily and Marshall thought it was the best night of their life, while Barney and Robin were ready to kill themselves.  Just check out some of the evenings photos from the double date:

Try the Gouda!
Lily and Marshall Love the Margs
Lily and Robin are Total BFFs

Meanwhile, Ted realized he was the sexless inkeeper when he picked up a girl at the bar that used him for his apartment and provided him with, well, no sex.  You can find out what happened in both plotlines in our recap of "The Sexless Innkeeper."

Now for some of the classic How I Met Your Mother quotes at Ted, Marshall and Lily's expense.

Ted: Barney, are you wearing sweat pants?
Barney: Maybe, but they're Armani! | permalink
Barney: The US Navy discovered aliens at the bottom of the ocean and for reasons I can't explain, they selected Robin and I to lead the expedition
Lily: That sounds like stuff you say to women when you're trying to get rid of them
Marshall: That's exactly what is sounds like, but if it's true that sounds totally awesome
| permalink
Random Girl: How's grading?
Ted: You just gotta make it fun, every time I see a grammatical error, I do a shot. Right now I'm smashed and I blame the public school system. | permalink
Barney: Ahh tweed, the official fabric of the eunuch | permalink

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