Ian Somerhalder Teases "Hot Vampire Sex" on CW Drama

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In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, Ian Somerhalder says he “can’t imagine playing any role other than Damon" right now.

Viewers of The Vampire Diaries are glad he feels that way, as the former Lost star steals every scene he's in as one half of the mysterious Salvatore brothers on this CW hit.

Turns out, though, a different set of blood-sucking fans were close to watching the actor on another vampire drama, if an earlier audition had gone well.

“I wanted to do True Blood so badly,” he told the publication. “I just didn’t nail it, and Ryan Kwanten got the role. So I was not going to let this one go. Damon is Dionysius - he has an appetite for everything.”

Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore
Jason Stackhouse's Pic

Can you imagine Ian Somerhalder in the role of Jason Stackhouse? Ryan Kwanten, and Vampire Diaries fans, are happy with the way things turned out.

It's an appetite producer Kevin Williamson vows to feed throughout the season, saying: “We have a blast coming up with various killing scenes. He takes people out left and right.”

What else will go down on the show? Are there any Vampire Diaries spoilers Somerhalder can spill? Without getting specific, he said:

"There’s a lot of drama, violence and hot vampire sex."

Nice. We'll take it!

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