Jessalyn Gilsig Speaks on (Annoying) Glee Character

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We adore Glee, but our only criticism of the show is the character of Terri Schuester.

That criticism, however, is not directed at actress Jessalyn Gilsig; who we loved on Friday Night Lights and who is simply doing the best with the material she's been given.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Gilsig spoke on the motivations of her character (who is pretending to be pregnant), along with a possible showdown with Emma...

On why Terri lies: In so many ways, she's still in high school. You know how in high school you have those ridiculously hair-brained plans, like if I wear his sweater home, he'll have to call me because I have his sweater. I think Terri still lives in that world, where I can move the pieces in such a way to create a picture, and that will make it real.

I don't think she's learned that you can actually just have open conversations and talk about your fears and ask for your needs to be met in a direct, compassionate way. I think she's still in high school and thinking whatever you do, just don't let anybody know that you don't know what you're doing.

Will and Terri

On a confrontation with Emma: It's coming, it's totally coming. There's a great episode where all of Will's worlds collide, and it's fun because there is a work self and a home self. Sometimes when your work and your home collide, it's really unsettling because you're not always the same person in both environments. He's really caught off guard, which of course [makes Terri feel] like she has the upper hand in the moment and [she] just relishes in making him as uncomfortable as possible.

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