Josie Bissett: Unsure About Return to Melrose Place

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The last scene of this week's Melrose Place episode featured Jane Andrews alerting the police to Ella's possible involvement in Sydney's murder.

So, this must mean Josie Bissett will remain on the show for the immediate future, right? Wrong.

Speaking to Michael Ausiello, the actress seemed miffed about her next appearance on the show, or lackthereof.

“I don’t understand their plans with some of us. My feeling is they’re bringing us in to get the show started. Which is great... I guess the key is they want the young cast to take over and take over the show and not count on the old cast," Bissett said. "We’re obviously drawing in a different audience. For me I guess it’s just going to be show by show. I’m kind of in the dark."

Jane Mancini

Do you wanna see more of Josie Bissett on the new Melrose Place?

Meanwhile, in other alumni casting news:

Heather Lockler sat for her first table as Amanda Woodward this week; and co-star Shaun Sipos couldn't say enough pleasant things about the star, who returns on November 17.

"She spent so much time with that character that she must know her in and out. It must not be too big of a memory jog because she spent 10years with that character. She's gonna rock it again."

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