Kevin Williamson: Why The Vampire Diaries Killed Off Vicki

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Kevin Williamson makes one thing clear in a new interview with TV Guide:

No one is safe on The Vampire Diaries.

Those are the producer's exact words, when asked why the show killed off Vicki on this week's shocking episode.

RIP, Vicki

Below, Williamson expounds on the surprise death, while warning fans not to get too comfortable with any other characters. Anyone might be next...

Why did he kill Vicki?
We've reached the point when we're watching TV that there's no jeopardy, no risk, no stakes, when we know our lead characters aren't going to be killed. Well, that's not true on this show. I'm starting with the supporting characters and I'm working my way in. Everyone's going to die on this show. This is a show where characters you love may die, and it'll be unexpected and shocking, so get ready for it. It's as simple as that. And [Vicki] was the first casualty.

Might she return?
No. She could come back in a flashback or a dream. But no, she's done. I mean, she goes. She's dead. Dead is dead. I guess there's always a way, but I don't think so.

Who else will be affected?
It's really sad because this is about Jeremy. We're dealing with two people who have lost their parents. You can only imagine what it's going to do to him. It's pretty powerful, good stuff.

It's time to chime in, fans, both in our Vampire Diaries forum and below: Were you sad to see Vicki go?

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