Paul Wesley Prepares for "Constant Battle" Between Stefan and Damon

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Stefan or Damon? Damon or Stefan?

While The Vampire Diaries viewers debate the pros and cons of each Salvatore brother, star Paul Wesley says the back-and-forth between the siblings won't end any time soon.

“I just think there’s a power shift going on throughout the season,” the actor said. “I think that it’s going to be a constant battle over who has control."

Up until the end of last week's episode, the winner has been Damon. But Wesley told MTV he's glad Stefan's meaner qualities are starting to shine through:

“Stefan’s really tempted by human blood. He’s so tempted. He’s not perfect. I don’t want Stefan to be perfect. He’s still flawed. I just think it’d be kind of interesting to sort of slip up, maybe, and do something bad and go off the deep end. Sort of a role reversal [with Damon].”

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Wesley is also glad that Stefan's desire to live like a human teenager, as opposed to a vampire, is giving the character a new set of problems. It gives the actor a lot with which to work.

“When the story first began, he was sort of this mystery figure. And he always has that ambiguity about him, and as we get to know him and he starts having human problems, he becomes more of a person. For me, what’s interesting is that he’s going to get more intense and get more assertive with Damon and start just humanizing more. And that includes laughter and deep sadness. They’re really starting to make him more complex.”

Next week, the show will depict an entirely new side to Damon, courtesy of a series of Mystic Falls flashbacks. Get an early look at those episode stills now!

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