The Hills and The City Recaps: October 27

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Admit it, you actually watch The Hills and The City. That's the great thing about the Internet, no one has to know what you read about online (unless you're sitting at work, in which case your computer is probably being monitored, suckers). So indulge already.

Because we know at least seven of you want to know ...

  • On The Hills, Kristin found herself torn between Justin's mind games and fond memories of ex Brody Jenner. Meanwhile, Holly is a drunk, Speidi is hilarious and Jayde Nicole is totally nuts. Check out our recap of "Sorry Boo, Strike Two."
  • On The City, Whitney Port showed us a different side of her, booty calling ex Jay Lyon and then breaking it off, all the while dating hunky new guy Freddie Fackelmayer. Who is a complete tool, but still. Check out our recap of  "Hit it and Quit it."

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