Tuesday Gossip Girl Reality Scale Style

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It's always a highlight of our week. Below are excerpts from New York Magazine's reality index of the previous night's Gossip Girl, a column never to be missed.

We've posted our official episode recap of "How to Succeed in Bassness." Now, some highlights from NY Mag and its writers' nonsensical, yet thorough analysis:

  • When Serena showed up at Dan's Brooklyn apartment in a red satin halter top and miniskirt, we assumed it was because she was dressed for the opening of Chuck's club. Nope! Just Serena's everyday office look. Plus 1.
  • Chuck calls Serena at home. She answers on a land line. Minus 1.
  • Nate has totally been reading Endless Nights blogs. Plus 1.
  • What is the deal with Eric's visor? Minus 1.
  • We have a few questions about Serena's job. First of all, why does she still have it? Why does she have an office? Why is she taking it all so seriously? Why does she expect everyone else to take it so seriously? Minus 5.
  • Chuck says the club will have a door policy like "the Gates." Which was a nice touch, because the club scene was in fact filmed at the Gates. Plus 1.
  • Lily and Rufus's handing out Halloween candy wouldn't have conflicted with them going to Chuck's party, since kids trick or treat at like 4. Minus 2.
  • Oh, and of course Chuck is planning on serving moonshine, which is totally going to be the elderflower cordial of recession-recovering NYC. Plus 2.
  • The writers named Endless Nights star Patrick Roberts after Twilight's Robert Pattinson. It would have been more fun if they'd actually gotten Pattinson to guest star, but after the Mark Hamill joke, they never will. But Plus only 1, because there's no way Serena or K.C. know who Mark Hamill is.

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