What Did You Think of "Give Peace a Chance"?

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Tonight's episode featured McDreamy, front and center, fighting multiple battles. And the Chandra Wilson-directed masterpiece was probably the best one of the year so far.

It was certainly compelling to watch him battle so hard to save Isaac - and continue squaring off with the embattled Richard, raising the stakes higher than ever this time.

What did you think of tonight's Grey's Anatomy?

Our recap of "Give Peace a Chance" will be posted soon. In the meantime, tell us how you felt about tonight's episode by commenting and voting in the survey below.

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"Give Peace a Chance" was ...

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Callie: George, hey. I'm surprised you're not, I mean... isn't there a big presentation happening with Izzie?
George: I didn't even know she was sick. Bailey told me after Cristina told her. Izzie trusted Cristina. I was the very last to know.
Callie: Well I'm sure Izzie wasn't trying...
George: I don't really wanna talk about it any more. What I wanna do is work. Do you have any room on your service?
Callie: Ah yeah. I have 3 hip replacements, and a tib fib repair.
George: Thank you.

Derek: It’s a little...
Meredith: It’s not that strange. I mean, I’m trying to figure out how to put her to rest. I can’t shove her in the back of my closet anymore. I have to deal with her. And this is me trying... to evolve. I’m trying here. So, cubby or car?
Derek: You’re asking me if I think you should put your mom’s ashes in your cubby or your car. You don’t think that’s very very strange?
Boy: Are those really your mom’s ashes?
Derek: It’s strange, right? It’s strange.