30 Rock Quotes: "The Problem Solvers"

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Thursday night's episode of on 30 Rock, "The Problem Solvers," sort of recycled a plot line for last year, or at least the running gag related to a prominent guest star.

When Liz Lemon wanted to turn Dealbreakers into a TV sensation, Jack fought her for the rights to it, even bringing in Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef fame as the host.

The basic gist of that plot line was that because Padma is so gorgeous, she doesn't have to work hard. Kind of like Jon Hamm's character in last year's "The Bubble."

Not the best 30 Rock has ever produced, but a bad episode of 30 Rock is like a good episode of most others - more one-liners than a month of other shows produce.

We were much more entertained by Jenna and Tracy trying to be kind to Kenneth, following the example of the new cast member, and Kenneth being just confused.

If he can't be ridiculed at work, what can he count on in this crazy world?

Below are some of the classic 30 Rock quotes from last night's episode ...

Jack and Padma Lakshmi

Jack and Padma Lakshmi on 30 Rock. Kind of hit or miss.

Jack: Lemon has a decision to make. She can either be crushed by me, or she can suck in her stomach and crawl back through the tiny hole I've left for her in the proverbial door. | permalink
Kenneth: Miss Maroney, your Mexican diet pills came. Should I start taking them to test their side effects? | permalink
Tracy: He knows you're special, like a black stripper with blue eyes. | permalink
Liz: My book is number 15 on the non-fiction bestseller list, behind The Founding Fathers Diet. | permalink
Liz: Do I look OK?
Cerie: That's exactly how you look. | permalink
Tracy: That was aboot the coolest thing I've ever seen. | permalink
Jack: I didn't get a bathroom door that looks like a wall by being bad at business. | permalink
Agent: [on Liz] Regular six, drunk seven. | permalink
Tracy: And one more piece of advice from someone who has been on this side of the business for a long time: Wade Boggs Carpet World. | permalink

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30 Rock Quotes

Jenna: Jack, can we talk, one ten to another?
Jack: I'm an eleven, but continue.

Tracy: I'm whipped! Angie got me up at 7:30 today. Did you know that in the morning, they have food, TV, almost everything. It's pretty good.