90210 Review: "A Trip to the Moon"

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Following this episode of 90210, we can confirm:

Annie is still a bitch; Adrianna has leaped off the wagon; and Silver is in for her worst heartbreak yet. Read our recap of "A Trip to the Moon" and then let us know if you agree with the review below...

Bravo to 90210 for creating such mystery with Jasper. He's clearly a drug-dealing, violent individual. But he's also incredibly sweet to Annie. He must be setting her up for some kind of fall because he knows she ran over his uncle... right? That storyline has seemingly been dropped, but we'd imagine the show returns to it.

We do have to call BS on his drug deal with Adrianna, however. In plain sight in the parking lot? Really?!? Hard to believe an experienced dealer and user would meet there.

It's not hard to believe Adrianna's downfall, though. Navid truly was a significant part of her recovery last season and it makes sense that losing him would send her on another downward spiral. Jessica Lowndes is the best actress on the show, too.

In Her Old Room

Similarly, the series has handled Jackie's battle with breast cancer admirably. It hasn't teased a "HUGE DEATH OF A MAJOR CHARACTER" like other shows are often guilty of over-hyping.

Instead, it's used the illness to take us inside Silver's world and to also show us a human side of Teddy. Kudos!

The only character not clicking on all cylinders these days? Gia. We know there's a major storyline coming up for this student, but it's almost comical to see Rumer Willis just hanging around the Blaze room at all times right now, referring to Navid as "boss." Give her something to do, before she gets to Adrianna, that is.

What did you think of the episode? Below, we list a few of our favorite 90210 quotes from the hour:

Annie: Your girlfriend faked a miscarriage. Sounds like a real winner.
Dixon: Go to Hell. | permalink
Dixon: I wish I got alerts that let me know when crazy girls were approaching.
Teddy: I bet they have an app for that.
Dixon: And I bet it beats non-stop. | permalink
Harry: I know you're upset with your mom.
Dixon: Whatever. It's not like she's my real mom. | permalink
Navid: I'm a tater tot man myself.
Dixon: Dude, you can't say "tater tot" and "man" in the same sentence. | permalink

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