90210 Review: "To Thine Own Self Be True"

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What a depressing episode of 90210!

We don't mean that in a negative sense, it was just an hour filled with somber events and distressing developments. Read more about "To Thine Own Self Be True" in our detailed recap.

Let's review the episode via a series of questions, all of which we encourage readers to respond to in the comments section or in our 90210 forum...

  • Do you feel bad for Jen? No! So what if she shed a few tears and was honest for a change. She's lied and manipulated far too often to get off the hook after a few waterworks.
  • Where is this Jasper storyline going? Is it possible the show only used the dead uncle as a means to getting Jasper and Annie together? It would feel like a letdown, if so. Still, it's possible Jasper is still using Annie and will eventually turn on her.
  • How many buckets of tears did you shed over Jackie's death? We are too proud to answer that, but it was definitely less than six!
  • Do you wanna see Liam and Naomi get back together? Yes! The show has done a nice job of pacing this relationship. It feels like we're getting close to the right time for a reconciliation.
Poor Kelly

Check out a few of our favorite 90210 cast quotes below...

Ryan: I would never cheat on you.
Jen: Honestly?
Ryan: Honestly. | permalink
Debbie: Jasper is odd.
Annie: You don't even know him. | permalink
Liam: If I could take back what happened last year, I would. I think about it every single day. | permalink
Naomi: Watching that movie on industrial meat production just gave me a craving for Kobe sliders. | permalink

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