90210 Round Table: "A Trip to the Moon"

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As viewers dry their eyes from the likely death of Jackie Taylor, our staff has pulled itself together long enough to compose another edition of the 90210 Round Table.

Indeed, this week's episode left us reeling from the sad events surrounding Silver to the shady ones surrounding Jasper.

We encourage fans to sound off on "A Trip to the Moon" in our 90210 forum and/or comment on the topics we analyze below...

What's the deal with Jasper?
M.L. House: I don't know - and I mean that in the best way possible. I figured he was gonna hurt Annie as revenge for what she did to his uncle, and he still might. But, take the drug dealing away, and he's actually be a super boyfriend to Annie, hasn't he?

Dr. Shepherd: His sweetness is part of his plan. You hurt someone the most when you turn on them; with that - and his uncle's death - in mind, Jasper has Annie right where he wants her.

The Barnacle: He's clearly gonna make a lot of money selling drugs and go on to direct Oscar-winning films.

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Is Dixon being too harsh on Debbie?
M.L. House: Yes! I recall when Steve Sanders went off on his adopted mom on the original series, but she was rarely there for him as a child. Debbie has been a model mother and Dixon pulled the ultimate harsh card - referring to her as his fake mom - when it didn't seem called for.

Dr. Shepherd: No. She lied to him. How can you teach your children the value of honesty if you aren't actually honest with them?

The Barnacle: Yes, but he's a teenager, what do you expect? He's also an especially emotional guy, so it makes sense he'd react this way upon being lied to by both his ex and his mother.

Is Teddy playing Silver?
M.L. House: I doubt it. There's no reason why he can't be a cocky bastard on the outside, but an understanding guy inside. Especially considering the past with his mother. I'm rooting for these two to get together.

Dr. Shepherd: It's very possible. Teddy has shown few signs of caring about anything except his (hot!) body and surfing. All of a sudden, he's nice and sweet to Silver? I wouldn't put it past him if Teddy's motives are sexually based.

The Barnacle: No way. Don't judge me, but I'm worked a girl before in order to get into her pants. I know that when I see it. This guy spent time with her dying mother and helped construct elaborate birthday sets. Silver is cute, but no way did Teddy go through all that just to bang her.

How will Ivy, Liam, Dixon and Teddy get revenge on Jen?
M.L. House: One of them will distract her at lunch. Another will loosen the top on her salt shaker. Then, when she goes to put salt on her fries, she'll get lots more than she bargained for!!!

Dr. Shepherd: Four words: snakes in her sleep.

The Barnacle: It would be great if they had her on tape, admitting that she slept with Liam. It would be even better if that recording remained intact and never got erased in a spur of the moment, emotional decision. Too bad that isn't possible, though.

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