Accidentally on Purpose Quotes: "Fight Club"

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On this week's Accidentally On Purpose, Billie and Zack got into their first fight(s) after living in plutonic bliss for so long.  During the "Fight Club," Billie got annoyed at Zack for failing to installing a toilet, while Zack got angry at Billie for eating his ribs.

Billie and Zack Fight

Trust us, it was funnier than it sounds.  Don't believe us?  Just check out some of the Accidentally On Purpose quotes from the episode:

Olivia: So, you left halfway through your waxing, and now it looks like a seven?
Billie: Or, from my point of view, an L | permalink
Billie: Why isn't the toilet where the hole is?
Zack: I don't want to get into complicated plumbing terms right now, but it turns out, I do not know how to install a toilet.
Billie: Well-- this is just it! I mean, there are boundaries! And not peeing on me is one of them, I think! | permalink
Billie: Zack peed on me.
Abby: Is that a metaphor, like "he peed on your dreams"?
Billie: Nope, he actually peed on me.
Olivia: Well, that needs to be consensual | permalink
Zack: Best friends are like Supreme Court appointments. You can't lose that job until you retire or die.
Davis: Sweet, man. A job you can't get fired from. That is tailor-made for moi | permalink
James: I've got two simple rules that I live by: keep all my blood inside my body and have as many orgasms as possible. And anyone who's doing anything else is doing it wrong | permalink
Ryan: [Billie] ate our ribs?! And this is how I find out? Oh, it is on!
Davis: Yeah! What could we do? How could we get her back? What of hers can we eat? Does she have a cat... or something like a cat? | permalink

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