Bored to Death Review: "Take a Dive"

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Last night wraps up the first season of Bored to Death and did they ever go off with a bang! Or should we say get off?!

Each of the three main character's got lucky with their desired suitors - Jonathan nailed his first crush since his ex - Stella, George rekindled a burning flame with his ex-wife Priscilla, and Ray finally had sex with his girlfriend Suzanne.

The hyped up fight was more that we expected it to be. Watching Ray get weirded out by his opponent was one of the most comical parts of the night. He nailed looking totally creeped out. It was awesome to see him be so excited to fight - to being completely okay with getting knocked out after one punch.

Bored to Death Scene

We were surprised to see Jonathan kick the living daylights out of the Mac - PC guy. It needed to be done and it was grand. Who would've thought scrawny Jonathan had the ability to do some ass-whooping?  That guy just needed to be punched in the face -and it is not only because of the stupid commercials that wont go away, this guys was so obnoxious the entire time on Bored to Death.

George's tender side shined and you could see the monogamous man he wants to be - too bad the lady in question is already married. Next season you know it will be on like Donkey Kong between them. He may have lost the fight, but we know he (will) win back the lady.

It is nice to see Jonathan with a stoner. She seems like a more perfect match for him. His ex was just a little bit too rigid and demanding and Stella seems like she'll bring on a happier and more carefree side of him. Wonder what his ex will think?

All in all, Bored to Death will undeniably be missed. "Take a Dive" definitely left us wanting more. With all the season finale changes taking place, we can only imagine how crazy the second season will be...

We leave you, until next season, with a few of our favorite quotes from last night's episode:

George: It's a good thing to stay in the dark about things - it keeps life interesting. | permalink

Jonathan: Sal, I'm scared.
Sal: That is okay. All fighters are scared, but once you get into the ring, you are like a God.
Jonathan: But I'm agnostic.
Sal: I'll say a prayer for you. | permalink

Stella: My whole body is vibrating like a tuning fork. | permalink

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