Californication Review: "Dogtown"

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The last few episodes of Californication have been picking up some steam, but the most recent one, titled "Dogtown," really stalled. The series didn't really build on any of the ongoing story lines; there also weren't any cutesy diversions in it.

It's disappointing with only two more episodes left in the season!

Karen and Hank

But this episode does do a good job reinforcing the integrity of Hank's character. From this episode, the top three reasons that Hank is a stand-up guy:

  1. He stands up for Charlie's honor at the bar when some douche spills a drink on him. When the guy tries to attack their manhood, Hank embraces it - and embraces Charlie - with a nice kiss on the mouth - comfort with his own and other people's sexuality is so appealing in a man! 
  2. When Hank sees a punk kid stealing from the liquor store, he says something. How many people would actually say something directly to the offender? Especially these days, when you never know how someone is going to respond, like when they pull a gun on you. So thanks Hank Moody for taking risks to speak up for what's right.
  3.  His new tattoo is a symbol of his commitment to his family. He is above all else a family man - Karen and Becca keep him grounded. He can't help that all those other women just throw themselves at him. Hank knows what's important and he's committed to making this family work. 

Check out our full recap of "Dogtown" and let us know your thoughts!

A few of our favorite Californication quotes from the hour:

Hank: There's no reason you should let a professional misstep get in the way of some quality sixty-nining. | permalink
Charlie: No matter what they say, bitches don't like it when you f**k other bitches.
Hank: Word. | permalink
Hank: I think that ultimately they'll have to raise the white flag and just accept us for the emotional retards that we are, don't you think? | permalink
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