Californication Review: "The Apartment"

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This week's episode of Californication, called "The Apartment," really made a huge comeback after last week's slump!

In the newest episode, Hank has a string of unsolicited visitors to his apartment, which results in games of hide and seek that are reminiscent of something out of Three's Company - we totally loved this week's episode! Did you? Let us know what you thought after reading our full recap of the episode!

For now, some musings on Hank and his female predicament:

Stacy Koons calls Hank the "girl whisperer," since women fall all over him even when he's such a jackass most of the time. There really is something special about Hank and Hank really nails it on the head when trying to explain to Becca why he behaves the way he does.

The Dean

He did have good intentions with each of these women - with Jackie, he wanted to show her she had potential and could be more than just a stripper, with Jill he wanted her to have self-confidence again, and with Felicia, he wanted her to know that she deserved to be happy. But of course by being with these women and showing them how each of them is special, he's going to have them fall in love with him! Isn't that exactly what every woman is looking for?

But now that he's built up all these women, he's afraid to let them down, it seems. Is that why he's having so much trouble breaking it off with them? He has so many great opportunities to just end things, especially in this episode, yet he doesn't do ANYTHING!

Stacey asks Hank point blank if he loves Felicia - obviously he doesn't love Felicia, and things are falling apart left and right at the apartment, but he just doesn't say anything and waits to be saved by the arrival of Becca and Chelsea. Why doesn't he say anything??? It just doesn't seem realistic or true to Hank's character... it does make sense if the writers are just trying to drag out this storyline a bit further.. but come on!

I can't wait for this story line to come to an arc - let's get Karen back in there because you know she'll be kicking ass and taking names!

Here's a look at a few of our favorite Californication quotes from the hour:

Jackie: No more grinding up on middle-aged hard-ons for me, except for yours of course. | permalink
Rick Springfield: Nothing like the sound of a stripper's head on a hard-wood floor.
Hank: What the f**k is wrong with you?
Rick: What, oh you don't rough 'em up? Well excuse me George Bailey... | permalink
Stacey: You obviously have this thing with women, some very strong connection, that no matter what you do, no matter how big of an ass you are, they seem to respond - you're a goddamn girl whisperer! | permalink
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