FlashForward Review: A Terrible Episode

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After watching this week's episode of FlashForward, many questions come to mind. None of them speak very favorably about the show.

First, catch up on events from it by reading through our recap of "Playing Cards with Coyote." Then, see if you can answer the questions below and let us know if you have a different take on what went down...

Why were Lloyd and Simon playing poker?!? There might as well have been a neon sign flashing that read "EPISODE FILLER!" through the poker scenes. Aside from not making any sense - Lloyd was so convinced he needed to tell the world about the blackouts, yet was willing to play cards (with total strangers, no less ) over the decision - this was nothing but a waste of time.

Why does Janis want to get pregnant?!? It's one thing for Mark to follow the clues on his board because he thinks these will provide crucial clues to the blackout. But now Janis is taking the initiative to make her vision come true? Where did that come from? The show asks viewers to be concerned about the future, yet makes its characters act in ways that guarantee its validity. Can anyone explain to us what the FBI is even trying to accomplish right now?


How stupid does FlashForward think we are? Mark see photos of a three-star tattoo on his computer. The episode flashes back to his vision of a guy with that same tattoo infiltrating the FBI offices. Seconds later, he shows up at work, sees another photo of the three-star tattoo AND THE EPISODE FLASHES BACK AGAIN TO HIS VISION OF THE SAME GUY! Were producers afraid we'd have forgotten the connection in that time?

How many episodes will end with new, mysterious bad guys? So far, FlashForward has concluded episodes with Suspect Zero, D. Gibbons, Simon, a kid in Africa, gun-toting Asians and this week's shady ring dude. These all might come together at some point, but for now it seems like the show focuses entirely on cliff-hanger endings, throwing far too many new faces at viewers and assuming these mysteries will make up for the fact that the rest of the hour is lackluster and slow-moving.

Did Jericho play a role in the blackouts? This is an actual question, the only positive development from the hour. Unfortunately, we fear the series will go weeks without mentioning this special, seemingly evil unit of soldiers again.

Okay. Having gotten those complaints out of our system, we feel better. But we're still very much concerned over the future of this show.

Are you? Or do you see hope and intrigue where we see boredom and non-sensical storylines?

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