Greek Review: "Friend or Foe"

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The mid-season finale is here! In the final episode, called "Friend or Foe," some relationships were mended and some were potentially destroyed forever.

Interestingly, one friendship was saved by a selfless act and one friendship may be destroyed by a totally selfish one. It was Rusty who had to swallow his own pride to make steps to amend his ailing friendship with Dale, by letting Dale win in the battle bot competition.

As the "bigger man," Rusty realized that it was the right thing to do.

Fall Finale Pic

In contrast, Evan made a completely selfish move to betray Cappie and the Kappa Tau brothers just to gain a little respect from his brothers who were doubting his leadership potential. Evan is such a weak, pathetic person - but we love to hate his pathetic ways!

We weren't really left with any major cliffhangers at the end of this season... but there is some unfinished business: it's unclear whether Evan and Cappie will ever recover, and the ZBZ girls are holding onto a rather large secret with potential criminal implications! That is definitely enough to leave us wanting more Greek!

Read our full episode guide and tell us about your favorite moments from the season!

Let's go over a few of our favorite Greek quotes from the hour...

Rebecca: Well I guess it was inevitable. I want you to know that I rarely try and sleep with the same ex twice.
Casey: Thanks, Becks. I'm almost touched. | permalink
Cappie: We'll all be pals, like Harry Pottery, and you know, the other two. | permalink
Beaver: I hate crickets - ever since Pinnochio - they're too bossy. | permalink
Rebecca: Natalie, shouldn't you be protecting your pot of gold? | permalink
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