Heroes Round Table: Plot Holes Galore!

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As our review of "Brother's Keeper" outlined, we didn't hate this week's episode of Heroes. That's a big step for a critical TV Fanatic panel of critics!

But we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't point out that the episode was still overflowing with plot holes and nonsensical character developments.

We focus on those in this edition of the Round Table and, as always, we encourage reader feedback...

Why did Tracy lose control of her abilities?
M.L. House: This really made no sense. She claimed it was due to "panic attacks." But she was held in by Danko last year, she's been faced with far more stressful situation than just... sitting around. The only answer to this question is: because the script called for it.

Dr. Shepherd: So the show could break its budget by making Claire freeze and crack.

The Barnacle: Who cares? Did you see Ali Larter in that bathtub?!?

Heroes RT

Why on earth would Nathan's body still be around?
M.L. House: This made even less sense! For someone that's organized many cover-ups, why would Angela not dispose of Nathan's body as soon as possible?!? Once again, the only answer to this question is: because the script called for it.

Dr. Shepherd: I have no idea.

The Barnacle: To move the plot along. D'uh! The writers likely thought of this storyline two days ago. Give them a break!

If Sylar is back inside his body now, why does Nathan still act and think like Nathan?
M.L. House: I'll give someone $10 if he/she can explain what actually took place in Parkman's hospital room. Ready... go!

Dr. Shepherd: I have no idea.

The Barnacle: Stop! You're making my head hurt. Can't we all just mourn Nathan's death next week... even though, you know, he already died last season.

Heroes can most improve by...
M.L. House: ... eliminating time travel! It makes everything too convoluted.

Dr. Shepherd: ... showing more nudity.

The Barnacle: ... teaming up the characters together, as we previously outlined!

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Sylar: You okay?
Claire: Peachy.

This is not your fight anymore, Hiro. Save yourself, while you still can.


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