House Review: "Teamwork"

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I loved you and I loved Chase - and I feel sorry for you both. Because there's no way back for either of you.

With those words, Cameron left the hospital, left her marriage and left House.

Until that speech, delivered perfectly by Jennifer Morrison, the Chase/Cameron marital strife felt a bit forced. Read our recap of "Teamwork" to get caught up and chime in with your thoughts on Cameron's departure.

Everything in the episode happened very quickly, as Cameron forgave her husband; said they had to find new jobs; House recruited Taub and Thirteen; manipulated Chase and Cameron; pined over Cuddy; and, oh, also dealt with a sick porn star patient.

Bad Marriage

But the pay-off came at the end. Once Chase took full responsiblity for his actions and House revealed that he was aware of the patient's diagnosis all along (but was playing a game to get Taub and Thirteen on board), it all came together.

Something had to finally put Cameron over the edge, following six years of trying to be the voice of morality and reason on the diagnostic team. Every word she said to House at the conclusion of the episode rang true. The series has dealt with House's focus on puzzle solving (over patient care) since day one, but the Dibala incident showed how much of the controversial doctor has rubbed off on Chase, always his most ardent follower.

Due to leaked spoilers, we've known about Morrison's exit for weeks. Therefore, we spent the entire episode unsure if events were set up well enough to explain the departure of an original cast member. It took most of the hour to get there, but when Cameron walked away, it felt earned.

Do you agree? Ponder that question as you review the following quotes from the House cast below:

House: I'll have whatever he's buying.
Dr. Wilson: Two cheeseburgers and two large fries. | permalink
Chase: I'm not running away from what I did because you wanna pretend I never did it. | permalink
Lucas: I'm dating Lisa Cuddy.
Chase: Seriously?
Lucas: Cool, huh? | permalink
Chase: Why are you trying to screw things up?
House: You got the tense wrong. Things are already screwed up. | permalink

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