How I Met Your Mother Review: "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap"

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Any time you have a sequel, you're inevitably going to compare it to the original.  So when How I Met Your Mother aired this week's sequel to the fantastic season three "Slapsgiving," they must have known what fans across he nation were thinking.

Lily Slaps Barney

As far as regular episodes go, "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap" was a great one.  It focused on Lily and her past, which is rare for the show.  It even gave Marshall yet another chance to show his sensitive side.  However, we can't help but say it fell a little short compared to the original.

Now some quick notes from the episode:

  • I never get sick of slap puns.  Slapple, Slapsolutely, Eric Slapton, Slape diem, Slapprentice.  I'm sure I missed plenty but you can find them in our How I Met Your Mother quotes section.
  • How great were Mickey's board games?  Tijuana Slumlord, Car Battery, Dog Fight Promoter, and Diseases just to name a few.  Anyone know where we can pick them up?
  • Was it just us or was Chris Elliot a little too young to be playing Lily's father?
  • So did they really eat the Turkey after it got the lead-based paint and stomach bile on it?  Despite claiming it was ruined I sure saw it cleaned off on the table.
  • Absolutely loved the Lily "You're Dead to Me" stare (and yes I realize you Buffy fans will say it's a Dark Willow throwback).  Even better?  Marshall's failed attempt at one.
  • I'm glad Marshall was the one to use the slap and was glad it was in surprise, but I was kind of hoping he was going to save them. I'd rather them be used ina  completely random episode.
  • Funny or cheesy that Marshall said the name of the episode?

Not enough How I Met Your Mother for your Tuesday morning reading?  We have a round table coming up soon!

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Ted: Robin, you should get the slap, you're a great slapper. In fact, I want to study slapping under your tutelage. I want to be your slaprentice.
Robin: Don't sell yourself short there, Teddy, you're a slapping rock star. Your name should be Eric Slapton.