How I Met Your Mother Round Table: "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap"

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Christmas isn't for another month, but Marshall gave us an early present when he decked Barney's halls last night on a Thanksgiving episode of How I Met Your Mother.

As we stated in our review of "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap," the episode was good on its own but not quite on par with the original, 2007 Slapsgiving hilarity.

Below, our staff members break down Slap #4, Lily's dad and everything else from last night in our weekly How I Met Your Mother Round Table. Let's get to it ...

1. What was your favorite How I Met Your Mother quote from last night?

Dr. Shepherd: Marshall's sheepish, preceded-by-awkward-pause answer to how he knew so much about Lily's dad supposedly getting his life together: "Body language?"

Mrs. Northman: Robin: "Don't sell yourself short there, Teddy, you're a slapping rock star. Your name should be Eric Slapton." How can you not love Eric Slapton? Pure genius I tell ya!

Mrs. Mosby: I must admit I was not a big fan of the multitude of quotes in which they used the word "slap" ("slapsolutely," "I'll be your slapprentice," etc.). Can that be my answer?

The Barnacle: It's become a Slapsgiving tradition of mine to declare one of the witty slap puns to be the quote of the episode. And by tradition I mean I'm starting it now since TV Fanatic didn't have Round Tables in Season Three. This year? I give it up to Scherbatsky for declaring Ted the rock star of slappers, Eric Slapton.


2. Who did you most want to slap Barney?

Mrs. Mosby: I wanted Marshall to slap Barney all along because he's hilarious when it does it. And he's just so big and lovable (and typically a bit pathetic) normally.

Dr. Shepherd: If Marshall can bequeath a slap to Ted/Robin, can he also mandate that Barney slap himself? Wonder how the Slap Bet Commissioner would rule on that.

The Barnacle: Oh Ted absolutely deserved it. If you date a man's ex you better damn well marry her. Barney took the gamble, failed to entertain television audiences, and was forced to end it. His punishment should have been a legendary slap from Ted "Eric Slapton" Mosby.

Mrs. Northman: Although any and all would be great choices to slap Barney, I'm most definitely going with Marshall - he's the tallest and strongest member of the group - plus this is his thing with Barney. Let's try not to forget a classic is always the best way to go.

3. Which of Lily's dad's games would be most fun: Tijuana Slumlord, Car Battery, There's A Clown Demon Under Your Bed, Sleepy Tombstone Maze, Dog Fight Promoter or Diseases?

The Barnacle: Oh absolutely Car Battery. I play it now every time I try and jump start a car, but finally I'd have an excuse to sue Milton Bradley for it.

Mrs. Northman: Tough choices - I can't believe Parker Brothers hasn't already scooped up There's A Clown Demon Under Your Bed. This is the perfect game to spook anybody - not only children! And who doesn't get pure joy in scaring the bejesus out of anyone?! C'mon! Don't leave me hangin' on this one!

Dr. Shepherd: As much as Tombstone Maze makes me recall the old days of watching fratnerity brothers get cold cocked by gravestones playing capture the flag in the cemetery at night, I have to take the utterly tasteless Dogfight Promoter (and hopeful Michael Vick endorsement tie-in).

Mrs. Mosby: Oh, definitely Diseases. That exploding gall bladder was quite something!

4. What's scarier: Lily's you're-dead-to-me look, or the possibility of getting slapped by Marshall as hard as he can at any given moment?

Mrs. Mosby: The possibility of getting slapped by Marshall - that guy is BIG!

The Barnacle: Absolutely Lily's you're-dead-to-me look. Granted it'd look a lot less scary without the exaggerated special effects that Future Ted uses when retelling stories, but I'm pretty sure she was partly responsible for killing the convenience store owner with it. Barney? He's still alive after four Marshall slaps, how bad could they be?

Dr. Shepherd: That look is scary, but at least you can take precautions to avoid seeing it ahead of time. Remember how Barney flinched all day long. That's pure fear.

Mrs. Northman: As much of a fan as I am of Marshall slapping the living daylights out of Barney at any given moment, the you're-dead-to-me look is far scarier. If I was friends with Lily and her eyes started to glow like that, believe you and me - I would stick on her good side.


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How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Ted: Robin, you should get the slap, you're a great slapper. In fact, I want to study slapping under your tutelage. I want to be your slaprentice.
Robin: Don't sell yourself short there, Teddy, you're a slapping rock star. Your name should be Eric Slapton.

Robin: You only have one slap left are you sure you want to use it today?
Marshall: I figured life is short, slape diem.