Jamie-Lynn Sigler Speaks on Ugly Betty Character

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On Ugly Betty, Jamie-Lynn Sigler plays a character very different than Meadow Soprano or, well, Jamie-Lynn Sigler (the Entourage version, that is).

Earlier this season, viewers were introduced to Sigler's Natalie, who met Daniel Meade at a bereavement group and wound up working at Mode.

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In an interview with TV Guide, excerpts of which are below, the actress dishes on Natalie's unique look and more. Check it out...

Is Natalie funny? She's not Marc, Amanda, Wilhelmina... or Betty even. They all have real caricatured hilarity and they play it perfectly to a T. For me, Natalie is a bit more understated. I think the stuff that happens later might be considered funny.

Does she like Natalie's look? I'm not one of those people who has to look pretty. Let's make a really fun character. So I tried on about 30 wigs. I've never been involved in network television, so I wasn't really aware of the amount of people who need to OK something like your hair. So it was a long, long process, but eventually when it came to be, everybody seemed to like it.

Will Daniel and Natalie date? No. They told me that from the beginning. This is not going to be a typical love interest role. Being a fan of the show, I don't think it would be right so close to Molly's death for him to meet a woman in a bereavement group and start dating her.

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