Modern Family: "Great Expectations"

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As much as we hate the joke we're about to make, we had "Great Expectations" for this week's episode of Modern Family.  The highly anticipated episode guest starred both Elizabeth Banks and Edward Norton.

Cam, Mitchell and Sal

So how could an episode with these two heavy weights be so mediocre?  Well for starters, Edward Norton's role as Izzy LaFontaine of Spandau Ballet was hilarious in concept.  Come on, Claire brought in the bassist of a band Phil's never heard of to play for their anniversary?  Hilarious set up, but just didn't produce enough laughs.

Elizabeth Banks as Sal was at least a little funnier, but didn't give us the crazy adventure we were hoping for.  Perhaps she needed more time than just one-third of a half hour sitcom.

The saving grace of this episode was grandpa Jay.  He had all the kids over for a P-Jay party at his house and he spent the whole time trying to keep Haly on lockdown.  Seeing him thwart her attempts at escape were hilarious.

We've said it before, but a mediocre episode of Modern Family was still easily better than any other comedy being offered, so we'll take it.  Here are just some of the Modern Family quotes from the episode:

Haley: This is kind of an important party.
Jay: The last thing you to do is insult someone when they invite you.
Haley: Exactly.
[Jay walks out]
Haley: OMG. That was so easy.
Alex: You really don't understand what just happened, do you? | permalink
Phil: I never liked Spandau Ballet. Our entire marriage, I never once mentioned Spandau Ballet. Am I even pronouncing that right? | permalink
Gloria [about Haley]: When I was her age I loved my grandfather, but I still wanted to be with boys.
Jay: I know, so did Claire.. and Mitchell. | permalink
Sal [about Lily]: Show me some pictures of Yoko... cause she's asian and she broke up our group. | permalink

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