Morris Chestnut Previews Anti-Visitors Faction on V

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Morris Chestnut stars on V as the character of Ryan Nichols.

As fans of the ABC drama know, he's holding a major secret from his fiancee: Ryan is a Visitor... but a nice one!

In an interview with TV Guide, the actor speaks out on the show and on Ryan's attempts to unite an anti-Visitors faction on this week's new episode...

On the Fifth Column: For those who don't know, it's like an army of traitor aliens on Earth to fight against the actual Vs. The Fifth Column got together before and things happened so bad before, people don't want to get back into the fight. Ryan is trying to get people together for the Fifth Column and hopefully they will be back together.

Ryan and Valerie

On Ryan and Georgie: The hard part about that is the fact that Georgie has very bad feelings toward the Vs. Although I'm a traitor, I'm still a V, so it brings up some conflict in our relationship.

On his relationship with Valerie: One of the things with the Ryan-Valerie relationship — because a lot of people are asking why he doesn't just tell her — the more information she has, the more danger she is in. The Visitors won't know how much information she knows. If they feel that she knows any information about them, then she's in more danger than if she doesn't know.

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