Smallville Producer Responds to Chloe Critique

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Has Chloe been underused on Smallville this season?

Many fans of The CW series believe so. TV Guide Magazine took this question, and others, to executive producer Brian Peterson. Here's what he had to say:

On Chloe's season nine role: She has stepped out of the sidekick shadows and she has owned Watchtower and she is taking it upon herself while Clark is busy with Kandorians and Lois and being the Blur. She’s started to create the fledgling group that will eventually become the Justice League. So she’s basically in some ways running the show behind the scenes.

Chloe Sullivan Picture

On Chloe as... Mary Magdalene?!? We really see Chloe as the Mary Magdalene to Clark’s Christ. She may not have romance now, she may not have romance in the future, but how she loves him and the way she helps him grow as a character is paramount to him becoming Superman. And that is never going to change.

On the return of Serinda Swan: We are really excited about that. She’s coming back in an episode called “Warrior,” about Warrior Angel and that is a very Chloe-centric episode. It’s a great light spot in a kind of very heavy [storyline] run for us. It’s going to happen in the winter.

In other exciting Smallville news, fans can look forward to a two-hour movie event in January.

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