The Bachelor Premiere Set For January 4

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Dallas commercial pilot Jake Pavelka, who failed to capture Jillian Harris’ heart on The Bachelorette, was named the next Bachelor last month, to moderate fan praise.

The long-running reality show now has not just a new star, but a premiere date: Monday, January 4. No word yet on whether its recent two-hour episodes continue.

Oh, and it also has a ridiculously cheesy subtitle this season. Are you ready for it? Better keep the wastebasket handy ... The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love!


Suffice it to say, people would have rather seen Reid or Kiptyn as The Bachelor, rather than Jake Pavelka, who finished like seventh on The Bachelorette last season.

Moreover, a lot of fans disliked how Jake returned to rat out Wes Hayden to Jillian, although conversely, some praised the pilot's "heroic" (and clearly staged) act.

Either way, we're sure the new season will be a big success, as it almost always is. They keep making it interesting and unintentionally funny, so hey, we're sold!

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I would definitely prefer not to be the first Bachelor rejected at the end of all of this.


This is not another season of The Bachelorette. Or Paradise. This is actually The Bachelor. I know, I’m as surprised as you are.