The Office Music Video: Subtle Sexuality's "Male Prima Donna"

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Typically when shows tease "web exclusive" content, it's quite forgettable. This recent effort created by four members of the cast of The Office, however, is anything but.

Viewers who watched Thursday's episode, "Koi Pond," caught a brief glimpse of an aspiring girl pop duo, Subtle Sexuality, promoting its debut single, "Male Prima Donna."

A series of three shorts were posted by NBC, showing the making of the video by Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) and Erin the receptionist (Ellie Kemper), plus the final edit.

"Male Prima Donna" is named for Mr. Understood, a.k.a. Ryan Howard (B.J. Novak), who also appears in the video, as does 'Nard Dog, a.k.a. Andy Bernard (Ed Helms).

Filmed at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton on a shoestring budget, featuring Kanye West-style vocoders and epic dance moves, it could actually pass for a Britney Spears song.

Or at least Heidi Montag. Check out Subtle Sexuality's debut video below ...

[video url="" title="Subtle Sexuality: Male Prima Donna"] [/video]

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