V Interview: Laura Vandervoort on the Fall Finale

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As Lisa on V, Laura Vandervoort has more than just the character of Tyler mesmerized.

The actress often makes us wish we were being manipulated by a visiting race, if only to drool over this lingerie-clad beauty in our bedrooms.

In an interview with TV Guide, Vandervoort previews tonight's major episode - the final one of 2009 - along with what's to come when the series returns after the Winter Olympics...

On her character: "I feel like Lisa is being taken along for the ride by her mother. Maybe she really does think that we're here for peace, and she is truly falling for Tyler and enjoying being on Earth because she's still young. I do think she's there for good, but I [would] love if the writers suddenly make her turn on her own people or turn on the humans, being two-faced all along."


On Lisa and Tyler: "She really is developing feelings for him. I think that's surprising her, but she can't let that get in the way of whatever her task is. I think her feelings will affect her carrying out her task. The fact that she has more feelings than she expected is going to be a problem."

On a V/human war: "Maybe the season finale [will be] the start of a war. I would love for Lisa to defy her people and create a lot of tension where her and Tyler have to stay on the down low. He leaves his mother, I leave mine, and we try to survive on our own somehow. I wouldn't want to see the war right away. I want to learn more about the Vs and the people."

On a tease for tonight: "A lot of the main cast will finally come together. Three in particular out of the cast will create their own untraditional family."

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